Trading Brokerage

TEB Yatırım provides you with investment products and services suitable for you to achieve your goals with its established experience and assurance.

The Institutional Sales Department provides trading brokerage services to foreign institutional clients and local asset management companies in the equity and futures markets on the Borsa Istanbul (BIST) with its experienced team and with the support of the award winning Research Department. 

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Have access to the stock exchange most quickly and safely through the co-location service of TEB Yatırım.

Why co-location?

  • Rapid and quick access to co-location services of TEB Yatırım.
  • Necessary infrastructure for HFT and Algo transactions (low latency and stability)
  • Access to ITCH market data
  • Reduction of operational risks

Through our strong infrastructural investments, we are providing our customers with direct market access (DMA) services. As the first intermediary institution using FIX link in Turkey, we are offering algorithmic trading opportunities in share certificates and derivative instruments. Our customers' orders such as TWAP, VWAP, MOC, MOO and volume based participation are transmitted by us to Borsa Istanbul via our developed systems.

Our customers' care orders are executed by our professional and experienced sales and trading team, and are confirmed through instant updates.