About Corporate Finance

TEB Yatırım Corporate Finance Services division is helping its corporate customers in development of the most appropriate financial solutions specifically designed for their needs and goals by using its vast experience and know-how in local and foreign markets, and is offering services creating added value separating and differing from its competitors with its alternative financial products.

TEB Yatırım Corporate Finance division is providing the corporate investors with brokerage and consultancy services in their public offerings, in issue of debt instruments with or without public offering, in tender offers, in capital increases, etc. other capital market transactions, in company and project assessment transactions specifically designed for companies, in search of strategic and/or financial partners of companies, and in corporate mergers and acquisitions for buying or selling side thereof.

In its brokerage and consultancy services, TEB Yatırım Corporate Finance division is acting on customer focus basis and is realizing projects specifically designed for its customers in strict compliance with its reliability and sustainability principles.