Research Team



Executive Vice President (Research)

After earning her Bachelors degree on Business at Koç University in Turkey with high honors in 1999, Pınar Uğuroğlu Delice has worked primarily as an equity analyst in various local and international investment banks. 

During 2006-2011, Ms. Uguroglu served as a Turkey non-financials equity analyst at Bofa ML (London/Istanbul). Before joining TEB Yatırım as Assistant General Manager responsible for equity research on October 2020, she was the Director of Strategy & Research at TEB Asset Management. 

Pınar Uğuroğlu Delice holds MBA degree from INSEAD Business School and has also earned masters degree on Organizational Pscyhology at Bilgi University in 2018.


Ibrahim USUL

Research Manager

After graduating as the second top scoring student from Istanbul University, Faculty of Economics, İbrahim Usul completed his postgraduate study on Capital Markets and Stock Exchange in the same university.

He started his finance career in the year 1997, and continued his career as Technical Analyst in TEB Yatırım after 2000. Being the oldest member of TEB Investment Research Team, Usul is providing short-term advices and suggestions to both individual and corporate customers and is helping them in interpretation and prediction of market movements. Furthermore, he has assumed the communication and coordination role between Research and Retail Sales Teams as well.



Research Director

After graduating from Hacettepe University Statistics Department, Erdem KAYLI completed MBA Program in Istanbul Technical University. Starting his job career in 2004, Kaylı worked as Senior Equity Analyst in the leading intermediary institutions of Turkey and entered TEB Yatırım team in 2017.

Oil & gas, petrochemistry, aviation, iron & steel, mining, defense and construction are included among the sectors followed by him for researches, and in addition, he issues detailed reports about 14 companies in these sectors.



Research Manager

Evren Gezer graduated from Yildiz Technical University in 2005. After working as an Equity Analyst for local and international brokerage houses for 13 years, he joined TEB Yatirim research team in 2021.

Retail, food & beverages, automotive, consumer durables and real estate are the sectors under his coverage.




After earning his bachelors degree in economics at Ozyegin University with high honors, Ogeday Gurbuz started his career in 2016 as a corporate finance analyst. In 2017 he joined the TEB Investment Research team as an equity research analyst.

Ogeday currently covers telecom and software companies.




Following his bachelor’s degree in economics at Istanbul University, Omer Camli had his postgraduate degree from Birmingham Business School - MSc Investments program with a merit degree. Omer Camli started his career in capital markets in 2018 and joined our team in 2021 February as Research Assistant Manager.

Omer currently covers banking and insurance sectors.


Prizes Awarded to TEB Yatırım Research Team

  • 4

    2017 Thomson Reuters Awards

    The Best Research Team - 4th Prize
  • 1

    2016 Thomson Reuters Awards

    The Best Research Team - 1st Prize
  • 2

    2015 Thomson Reuters Awards

    The Best Research Team - 2nd Prize
  • 1

    2014 Thomson Reuters Extel Awards

    The Best Research Team - 1st Prize
  • 1

    2011 Thomson Reuters Extel Awards

    The Best Research Team - 1st Prize
  • 3

    2009 Thomson Reuters Extel Awards

    The Best Research Team - 3rd Prize